In Southampton, dental implants are possible even if you are scared of the dentist

Having surgery can be a nerve-wracking process, even if it is dealing with one of our smallest body parts. Dental surgery can cause just as much anxiety as any other kind – in fact, often it can cause more. Around half of all UK adults experience dental phobia of some kind, ranging from a reluctance to book in for a check-up to a full-blown anxiety attack at the thought of sitting in the dentist’s chair. This may be caused by a difficult childhood experience, or a fear of needles or pain.

Southampton Dental ImplantsIf you’ve lost one tooth or more and want to take advantage of the multiple benefits of dental implants but recoil at the thought of surgery, conscious sedation could be the answer.

Here at Expert Implants in Southampton, dental implants can be fitted while patients are under the influence of sedation. It helps to soothe and ease the nervous system.

Sedation isn’t a painkiller – our implant surgeon will still use local anaesthetic at the implant site to numb pain. Sedation acts to calm the nervous system, reducing feelings of anxiety and inducing feelings of relaxation.

We offer sedation in two forms: oral and intravenous. Oral sedation comes in the form of tablets that are taken shortly before the procedure. This method of sedation is good for those whose anxiety includes a fear of needles. If that isn’t the case, you could also opt for intravenous sedation that is injected into the back of the hand. This method gives the implant surgeon the ability to control the flow of sedation throughout the procedure.

With both kinds, you will still be able to speak and answer questions, however you may feel drowsy afterwards and may not remember the operation. It’s necessary to bring someone with you when you have implant surgery, so they can drive you home afterwards.

Fear doesn’t have to mean you miss out on the highly functional and restorative benefits of Southampton dental implants. With sedation, our modern techniques and facilities, and the warm and friendly approach of our clinical and reception staff, it’s possible for you to feel at ease throughout your implant journey.

Southampton dental implants come in all shapes and sizes

As with many products and services, there is a wealth of possibilities when it comes to having dental implants fitted. Many dental practices offer this highly functional tooth restoration method and every dental implant surgeon will have a different level of experience and qualification.

It’s also worth looking into the implants themselves. There are hundreds of different brands used within the UK, not all of the same standard. At Expert Implants in Southampton, dental implants are of the highest quality. We only use brands that are backed up with strong scientific evidence of their effectiveness.

Southampton Dental ImplantsWe use three different kinds – this is because each of our implant dentists have a preference for a particular type and it also depends on which is most suitable for a particular case. The manufacturers we use are:

  • Biomet 3i
  • Nobel Biocare
  • Osstem Implant.

Biomet 3i

These implants have been on the market for more than 20 years, so we know that they last. More than one million patients have been fitted with Biomet implants and they have been well documented in peer reviewed scientific journals. They provide implants for single and multiple tooth restorations and bone grafting materials for helping to build up the density of the jawbone.

Nobel Biocare

They were the first company to produce commercially available dental implants, built on the ground-breaking research of Per-Ingvar Brånemark in 1952. He discovered that titanium was biocompatible, thereby making it an ideal material for implants. Biocompatible means it is accepted by the body as natural tissue. As well as providing a range of implants, Nobel Biocare also offer training and development for dentists, to help them keep up-to-date with the latest in implants and create a more efficient system for managing their implant practice.

Osstem Implant

Osstem provide a range of implants for a variety of different applications. Some offer quicker healing times, others provide greater stability. Their products have international quality certifications, including from the FDA in North America and the ISO, which is an independent worldwide body that checks manufacturing standards.

Call in to find out more

Drop into our surgery today and ask our implant dentists about how you can benefit from Southampton dental implants and which one is right for you.

Come to the experts for implants

Why should you choose Expert Implants for your dental implant surgery? It’s an extensive procedure and it requires a bit of research to find a dentist and a practice that is right for you.

We believe we have something great to offer and that you should put us on your list. First of all, we have a highly qualified and experience clinician who fits the dental implants in Southampton.

Dental Implants in SouthamptonThomas Darling has 14 years’ experience in dental practise. He began his training in dental surgery in 2009, undertaking advanced postgraduate training at the Royal College of Surgeons. Since then, he has gained a Distinction Masters degree in Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry from the University of Manchester and a Diploma of Dental Implantology at The Royal College of Surgeons. Tom loves to use the latest technology and techniques to provide his patients with as simple and easy implant journey as possible.

We have a dedicated treatment co-ordinator who can guide you through the maze of finance plans and treatment options. Amanda Feehan has been on our team for 13 years and there’s not much she doesn’t know about how Expert Implants works. Join her for a cup of tea, a tour of our facilities and air any questions or concerns you have about dental implants in Southampton.

Our clinic is a beautiful, modern environment, with a comfortable and airy waiting area. We have invested in high quality equipment, above and beyond what you would expect to find at a normal dental surgery. For example, we have our own CT scanner, which means that we can plan the placement of dental implants in Southampton with incredible accuracy. This means that your implants are more likely to take hold and last for longer.

We also offer a wide range of implant options. We can replace:

  • A single tooth
  • Multiple teeth
  • A whole arch
  • A full set of teeth.

We can also stabilise dentures, and it’s worth noting that you don’t need one dental implant per tooth. Just four implants can support a whole arch.

Drop into our warm and welcoming surgery today and find out how you can begin your journey to dental implants in Southampton today.

The journey to dental implants in Southampton

If you are thinking about dental implants in Southampton, you’ll want to find out all you can before going through with this extensive treatment. This could start with talking to friends and family who have been through it to find out more about the implant journey, and crucially, whether the end result is worth it.

If you get encouraging feedback from your loved ones, the next step is to look at dentists in the area who have the skills and knowledge to offer this procedure.

Dental Implants in SouthamptonHere at Expert Implants, our principle dentist, Thomas Darling, has been working as a dentist for 14 years, and has a Diploma in Dental Implantology from the Royal College of Surgeons. His colleague, Abdullah Nazar, has been in practice for 12 years, including receiving a Distinction Masters’ Degree in Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry at the University of Manchester in 2013. They have successfully fitted hundreds of dental implants in Southampton.

Once you’ve decided on a dental practice to work with, the next stage is to talk through the treatment journey. Our implant journey has five stages:


Here we find out whether you are suitable for implant treatment. We’ll take x-rays and photographs, so we can get a good look at your teeth and gums, and we will go through a detailed medical history with you.

Treatment planning

This is an in-depth look at your mouth to see if there are any issues that need to be resolved before implant surgery can go ahead, and precisely plan where the implant will go.

Implant placement

This is where the extensive planning pays off, and the implant is fixed into the jaw in exactly the right place to have the best chance of successfully bonding with the bone. Although the idea of implant surgery may feel scary, it is actually less painful than having a filling because there are fewer nerve endings in the jaw than in the teeth.

Implant restoration

After a healing period of several weeks, we fit your replacement tooth onto the implant, giving you back the full functionality of your tooth.


Properly care for with regular brushing and flossing and hygiene appointments, dental implants in Southampton can last for decades.

Considering dental implants – are they worth the investment?

For many years, people have been replacing their missing teeth with dentures or bridges, as dental implants were considered an expensive and extensive treatment. As a matter of fact, up to two decades ago, dental implants were reserved for dental projects carried out at universities or specialist dental centres. Nowadays, dental implants are a standard treatment in almost any dental practice in the UK and dentists have many opportunities to receive further training on them.

Southampton Dental ImplantsIf you have missing teeth and you are considering dental implants for replacing them, you have probably made a good choice. Southampton dental implants come in different types and are customised to fit different treatments for different patients. Our experienced and well-trained dentists at Expert Implants will examine your teeth thoroughly and help you decide which treatment option is suitable for your individual needs.

However, even today, dental implants can be more expensive compared to conventional tooth replacement options. What are all these elements that make them effective and are they worth the investment?

A proven solution

Dental implants are not a new trend in dentistry, though they have received much popularity in recent years due to their continuous use in mainstream dentistry. These small titanium posts are surgically positioned into the jawbone, where they gradually incorporate into the bone tissue. Titanium has a proven and well-documented ability to fuse with bone tissue and for this reason, over time, Southampton dental implants provide a secure foundation for new and functional teeth.

Advantages of dental implants

Dental implants have many advantages compared to regular false teeth and bridges and here are a few of them:

  • Improved aesthetics
  • Improved biting and chewing power
  • Improved overall oral functionality
  • Protect and strengthen natural teeth
  • Cannot develop tooth decay or cavities
  • Protect the jawbone from deterioration
  • Prevent facial structures from collapsing

Last but not least, Southampton dental implants last for many years with proper maintenance and this makes them a good investment for patients with missing teeth. Conventional bridges and dentures need replacement every few years, and this can add to their overall cost over a period of time.

For all these reasons, dental implants are a great option for replacing one, several or all of your missing teeth.

Latest advances in dental implants in Southampton

More than 50 years after their first use in dentistry, dental implants continue to be used extensively for treating tooth loss. They have evolved from an expensive and elective treatment to a quick, efficient and cost-effective option used by many dentists and patients alike. Technology has played an important part in this transition, since modern implants are more aesthetically pleasing than ever and require less treatment time.

Dental Implants in SouthamptonAt Expert Implants, we are constantly being trained on the latest implant technologies as we want our patients to benefit from the best treatment possible. Dental implants in Southampton are constantly changing what dentists can do and what patients can hope for.

Modern implant tools

Whether you are missing a single tooth or multiple teeth, dental implants can cover your needs. Implant technology is continually evolving and that is the reason why dental implants in Southampton and elsewhere have a high success rate. Here are just two of the innovative technologies that have allowed a quicker and more comfortable implant placement in the last few years:

  • Improved 3D and imaging technology
  • High-quality implant posts.

In modern implant dentistry, technology accounts for half the process, therefore, having the right tools can enable dentists to place dental implants more precisely than ever.

3D and imaging techniques have come a long way, and they are now used to offer a detailed scan of the patient’s mouth, allowing the dentist to find the best sites for the placement of dental implants.

Moreover, imaging technology is entirely customised and can take into account minor defects and other issues in the patient’s teeth that could compromise implant treatment.

Last but not least, this technology allows dentists to monitor the entire process from the beginning to the end, preventing problems from happening.

On the other hand, modern titanium implant posts are created with the most advanced specification to allow for the best fusion possible. These posts allow the jawbone to heal faster and create a stronger and sturdier foundation for replacement teeth.

Let us help you

If you are wondering if dental implants in Southampton are the right option for you, contact us today and we will introduce you to the exciting world of modern implant technology.

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