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Why dental implants?


Missing teeth can affect your health in more ways than you think. Not only can missing teeth bring down your confidence, but other effects can include difficulty in chewing, the loss of facial asymmetry, jawbone deterioration and the ‘drifting’ of surrounding healthy teeth. Getting dental implants in Southampton can prevent these issues before they arise.

How can dental implants prevent these problems?

Dental-Implants-in-SouthamptonDental implants in Southampton can aid chewing. Having a full set of teeth that are fully aligned will always make chewing easier, especially if those new teeth are firmly secured, just like real teeth.

Missing teeth can cause facial muscles to sag, lose their symmetry and therefore create a premature aged look, dental implants in Southampton can help your face retain its natural shape.

As soon as a tooth is lost or extracted, your jawbone can begin to deteriorate. This can be avoided by the insertion of dental implants which act like the roots of a natural tooth.

At Expert Implants, we are always happy to discuss the many benefits of dental implants in Southampton.  We believe that dental implants can make a positive impact on those who opt for this tooth restoration treatment.

Some extra benefits of dental implants

Dental implants are created to be long-lasting. If you take care of them, they will take care of you.

Dental implants are securely held in place, just like a real tooth, so there is no need to remove them for cleaning, or sleep, and there is certainly no need to worry about any unfortunate slippage during mealtimes.

Speak easy. Since dental implants are designed to be just like real teeth, pronunciation will not be affected when you have dental implants inserted.

What is the process of getting dental implants?

Dental implants in Southampton are placed during a straightforward procedure. Using local anaesthetic, the small implants are inserted into the jawbone. Our skilful surgeon makes a tiny incision in the gum, before creating a space in the jawbone and placing the implant within. The gum is then resealed using self-dissolving stitches. After the healing process, your new tooth or teeth are then fixed to the implant and once again will you have a full set of perfectly working teeth.

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