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Denture Stabilisation

what is it and how is it important?

Everyone has seen the adverts for denture fixatives on TV that promise an ability to eat apples once a little fixative is applied to your dentures. For most denture wearers this is simply unrealistic, and dentures remain one of the biggest sources of frustration for dental patients.

Many people are unsuited to dentures, and will always struggle with dentures that move and feel uncomfortable at times. Even patients who manage well when dentures are first fitted can find that as time goes on, they become uncomfortable and loose, causing difficulties with eating and speaking. This is due to a combination of shrinking of the bony ridges supporting the dentures, and a reduction in the ability of the mouth muscles to retain the dentures. Implants are the perfect solution to stabilise dentures, leading to increased comfort and a renewed ability to eat your favourite foods.

What are the benefits of having dental implants to stabilise a denture?

How many implants will I need and how long will treatment take?

Will it be easy to look
after the implants?

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