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Missing teeth misery

Dental Implants in Southampton

Having one or several teeth missing can cause more problems other than just being unsightly. Eating is just one of the difficulties that can occur when you are missing teeth and that in itself is enough to make anyone miserable. Well in Southampton, dental implants are a tooth replacement possibility that can bring you out of that misery. Aside from the obvious eye-pleasing benefits, there are numerous other advantages that can make dental implants the right tooth replacement option to go for. At Expert Implants, we are happy to discuss with you all the benefits that go along with dental implants.

Dental Implants in SouthamptonWho are dental implants available to?

In Southampton, dental implants can only be offered to people who are over 18, to ensure the jawbone has completed growing.

You must be in good overall health to be suitable for dental implants and this includes good oral health. A healthy mouth is essential for implants, so if there needs to be work carried out, such as cavities, or gum disease that requires treatment, this will need to take place before the dental implant procedure begins.

Heavy drinking or smoking can cause problems during the implant healing process, and also affect the health of the gum and bone in which the implant is placed. Some dentists may not advise dental implants for those who cannot reduce or cease such activities.

To ensure a successful dental implant placement, you need a good strong jawbone, but in Southampton, dental implants can still be offered to those who have reduced bone quality and quantity. Those who are lacking can increase their bone quantity with a procedure called bone grafting.

So why wait any longer? Come in and talk to us about this popular and very beneficial tooth replacement option because in Southampton, dental implants will give you a full, complete smile once again. They will give you the chance to once more laugh without trying to hide behind your hand. To smile with confidence straight at the camera and to talk with your head held high instead of mumbling to the ground. Dental implants can re-establish that wholeness and total well-being once again.

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