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What do dental implants in Southampton look like?

Dental Implants in Southampton

At Expert Implants, we hear the same questions repeatedly when we are dealing with patients who want dental implants in Southampton. This is because people are quite similar when it comes to concerns and curiosity.

We treat each person as an individual and tailor our advice and information flow to meet individual needs. However, we can also offer some general answers in an article like this to help prepare you for dental implants in Southampton.

Dental Implants in SouthamptonThere are two reasons why patients as what dental implants in Southampton will look like. The first is because they are curious about the equipment that will be used to replace their teeth and the second is because they want to know how they will look once they have had treatment.

Anatomy of a dental implant

There are different types of implant, but the general principal remains the same for each type. They consist of a base, a top and something that joins the two, which is usually called an abutment. The base is made from a bio-compatible material. In most case, this is titanium because it is lightweight and strong as well as possessing unique qualities that allow the jawbone to grow back very closely to the shape of the implant. The base is often screw-shaped to assist with grip. The top is formed from prosthetic teeth. A single tooth is usually replaced with a crown whereas multiple teeth might be restored using a bridge or denture. At Expert Implants, we are happy to show our patients a dental implant when they come for a consultation with us.

What do dental implants look like when they are in place?

Once they are in position, the top of the dental implant is the only part that can be seen when you smile. The dentist will shape the gumline to look as natural as possible around the base of the prosthesis. One of the reasons why so many patients choose dental implants in Southampton is because they look so similar to natural teeth. They are very secure, so they do not move about. They are also colour-matched to the other teeth in the mouth where appropriate.

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