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Why are Southampton dental implants so practical?

Southampton Dental Implants

The teeth have a very practical function in our lives. They tear up food and begin to crush it as part of the digestion process. Without them, our diet would be very limited and we wouldn’t be able to enjoy such a wide variety of tastes and textures. At Expert Implants, we offer a tooth replacement method that mimics this practicality as much as possible when people visit our clinic in Southampton. Dental implants are popular because patients get a degree of functionality while using them that is like that of natural teeth.

Southampton Dental ImplantsOne of the main reasons that dental implants offer the benefits that they do is because of a process called ‘osseointegration’. This is what happens once dental implants are in place. They are inserted into holes in the jawbone and then the area begins to heal around them. Osseointegration is the term that is used to describe the fact that the bone knits very closely with the surface of the titanium base of the implant. Once it has happened, the implant is very secure. Not only that but it moves naturally with the motion of the jaw. As this are is designed to support and diffuse the impact of chewing, one the dental implant is a part of it, it offers these same qualities to the wearer.

Another practical plus for dental implant wearers is that they are relatively easy to care for. A well thought out dental hygiene routine that covers all the bases such as brushing, flossing and mouthwash should be enough to care for the environment around the dental implants. Any gum disease can have a devastating impact on dental implants, so this is important but, as mentioned, relatively easy to implement. Expert Implants offer detailed advice in this area as well as regular check-ups.

An added bonus

Of course, your smile is also important for aesthetic reasons as well. It forms part of our mechanism for exchanging social messages and bonding. It’s also a way of attracting others. We take this into account when you have your smile restored at Expert Implants in Southampton. Dental implants look great as well as operating well, so they fulfil this function as well.

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