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Making the most of your dental implant experience

Dental Implants in Southampton

It’s easy to get results focused. Often, we feel like the good stuff is what happens when you get ‘there’. However, this can constantly make us feel that happiness is just a little out of reach because when we get there, another goal presents itself and we never get to relax and enjoy. That’s why, at Expert Implants, we want to offer you some ways to enjoy the journey of getting dental implants in Southampton with us.

Dental Implants in SouthamptonIf you are looking into them, then you already know that the primary goal of dental implants in Southampton is to restore your smile to fullness and beauty again. This means that you’ll have great functionality and be able to enjoy your teeth. This is achieved through a number of steps. Typically, they are consultation, fitting and aftercare although there is an occasional need for preparatory work as well.

Enjoying consultation

This is the moment where you are taking action to start your tooth replacement journey. You might be excited or happy to finally be doing something to change your smile but it’s quite common to feel some trepidation as well. That’s natural at the start of a big process of change. At Expert Implants, we are here to support your excitement and offer you all the information you need to relax into the treatment. We can talk to you about sensations, costs and many other aspects of the experience.

Enjoying fitting

The fitting procedure itself is relatively swift and comfortable. You can lay back and feel the effects of the local anaesthetic which prevent you from experiencing any uncomfortable sensations. If you are feeling particularly nervous about this part, you can talk to us about extra support. We are happy to adapt the treatment to suit your needs.

Enjoying aftercare

At this stage, all you need to do is relax and follow the instructions of your dentist. In practice, this might mean taking a few days off work and letting go of some of the more strenuous aspects of your schedule. Enjoy this process, invest in some you-time and allow your body to do the work of healing so that your dental implants in Southampton become secure and ready to use.

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