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‘Aren’t all dental implants the same?’ Different types of implants we offer at Smilemakers Dental Implant Clinic in Southampton

Southampton Dental Implants

When you decide to undertake having dental implants fitted, you may be confused when your dentist begins discussing things like overdentures and crowns. With the world of dental implants rarely explored, it can be confusing to navigate through the technical jargon you will undoubtedly hear at your initial, free consultation with us.

Southampton Dental ImplantsAt our surgery in Southampton, dental implants are our speciality and our passion, but we are aware that they are not everyone else’s!

We have, therefore, provided you with the following article to explain the different types of implants we offer, so you can feel confident when you walk into that initial consultation.

What is a dental implant?

At our clinic in Southampton, dental implants are fitted by our dentists everyday but what exactly is meant by the term?

In essence, a dental implant is divided into two sections; the implant and the prosthesis.

Depending on how many of your natural teeth are missing, you may find that you only require one implant or, if all of your natural teeth are missing, our dental team may suggest fitting up to eight.

At Smilemakers Dental Implant Clinic in Southampton, dental implants are typically made from titanium and resemble small screws in appearance. These screws are attached to your jaw(s) in strategic places as determined by your dentist, after initial tests like X-rays and scans. Once your dentist is sure that these implants are sitting comfortably in your jaw, they can then move on to the next step of the fitting. Please be aware, that this initial stage may take up to two months to complete.

What is a crown? Or a partial bridge?

If you have undertaken extensive dental work in the past, you may find yourself more familiar with the terminology used by your dental team during your initial consult. After all, a crown is a crown and dentures couldn’t be anything different.

Technically yes and no.

In regular dentistry, a crown is placed in a prepared tooth to restore its functionality and in appearance, it resembles a crown on top of the tooth. In implant dentistry, a crown is a single, metal-based prosthesis or ‘tooth’ that is attached to a single implant, therefore filling a gap in your teeth.

Other types of prostheses are also available.


A perfect solution if you are missing a full set of teeth on either of your jaws, or both, overdentures are a set of custom fitted dentures that will be held in place by up to eight implants.

Unlike regular dentures, they cannot move and therefore, do not cause issues like ulcers or sores from rubbing.

Fixed partial bridge/ full bridge

Fixed bridges usually consist of a single implant in the jaw that supports either a single prosthetic tooth or several teeth.

Unlike regular full or partial bridges, it does not depend on the support of the surrounding teeth and is therefore extremely secure.

For further information regarding Dental implants please visit our page here or contact us today on 0238044 2626.

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