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Are Southampton dental implants the road to your smile utopia?

Southampton Dental Implants

We understand that it can be a little worrying to the patient when we tell them that they may need dental implants.  We could suggest Southampton dental implants if someone has been in a sporting accident and knocked out a tooth or if some teeth have been lost due to tooth decay.

Southampton Dental ImplantsSome patients may want slightly wonky and yellowing teeth replaced too and implants are ideal for this, as the beauty of them is that they can be made to the shape and colour desired.

For those who are nervous about having dental treatments, rest assured that all of the staff at Smilemakers Dental Implant Clinic are very experienced in making the procedure as quick and as easy as possible, in fact, most people return to work the following day!

Modern technology for a healthier mouth

Through dynamic dental technology, modern day implants offer a result that looks very natural and can last for many years, if looked after well.  In fact, having artificial teeth to replace those that are decayed or missing is probably one of the most beneficial oral healthcare treatments you can have.

Missing teeth can result in loss of jawbone density and having implants will ensure that stability is restored, whilst at the same time stimulating natural jawbone growth.

So as well as restoring your confidence, Southampton dental implants will lay the foundations for a new and healthier smile all round!

How does the procedure work?

A very strong, but small titanium screw is surgically positioned into the jawbone, then the artificial tooth is mounted onto the screw or post.  You can safely have a single tooth or even multiple teeth replaced via a dental implant bridge, where the artificial teeth are linked to the implants on the bridge structure.

How comfortable are implants?

Say goodbye to being careful about what you eat and hello to the biggest buffet of your life! As with implants you can eat as normal and relish in the same confidence as you would have with natural teeth!

Dental implants do not move around in the mouth like old fashioned dentures, they are very strong and secure. If you have noticed that your face has started to sag due to missing teeth, dental implants will also give your face a lift and help to diminish wrinkles.

Caring for your new smile

Look after your new teeth and they will look after you!  Implants can get deposits on them which are very similar to the plaque and bacteria that can be seen on uncared for natural teeth. So looking after your implants is key to keeping a healthy smile.  We suggest a full home dental cleaning regime of brushing your teeth twice and day and also flossing in between them.  If you follow good oral cleanliness and have your regular dental check-ups, there is no reason at all why your implants cannot last for many years to come! So what are you waiting for?

For further information regarding Dental implants please visit our page here or contact us today on 0238044 2626.

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