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An Experts Guide To Dental Implants & What You Can Expect

person within a dental implant appointment

It’s a big step to make the decision to get dental implants as for some, it may feel like a large procedure. We wanted to put together all the information needed to ease the mind of those interested and provide insight into the dental implant process itself.


Deciding to get dental implants


Getting dental implants fitted may seem like a huge undertaking to those who haven’t looked into the procedure before. However, the benefits truly outway any worry or discomfort which you may be experiencing whilst doing your research. 

Our website is full of guidance information and advice, providing insight into the world of dental implants to encourage a healthy and informed decision to get your perfect smile.


The initial consultation


After getting in touch with us, you’ll be invited to see our specialists who will be able to shed light on any and all areas of dental implants. This is to provide the necessary information to be able to make an educated decision as well as ease the mind of those who may be worried or nervous.

The initial dental implant processes, fitting of the dental implants and aftercare, will all be covered within this consultation.

Your current oral positioning will be assessed and taken into account in order for the preparations to commence. X-rays and photographs will be taken and examined ahead of any dental implant fitting to ensure the right actions are taken. In some cases, if oral hygiene needs to be improved, the suggestion of visiting a hygienist may be given to you in order to start the dental implant process. 

The initial dental implant process consultation is the perfect time to relieve your nerves, if any, by asking questions. You may have questions surrounding sedation during the procedure. If so, feel free to ask and our expert will be able to provide insight where needed.


Types of dental implants


There are a number of different variants of dental implant processes to ensure you receive the correct level of support from us to give you the ideal smile.


Single Tooth Implant
A single-tooth implant is perfect for those who just need a gap closed and aren’t needing a full row/set. The benefits of having a single tooth implant are:

  • Fixing a gap which affects appearance or eating.
  • About to lose a tooth.
  • Having a failed crown.
  • Broken or decayed tooth.


Multiple Teeth Implants
Receiving multiple teeth implants can be anything from two teeth to a whole jaw. As more teeth are being corrected, this generally means it’s more cost-effective for the patient as less surgery is needed to be performed due to fewer implants needing to be fitted.


Implant Restoration
If you’ve already had a dental implant and would like for it to be replaced due to its look or possible damage, our experts are happy to carry out the replacement. Luckily for the patient, it’s a relatively simple procedure as the mounting of the dental implant is already in place. Any further work which may need to be carried out will be examined during a dental implant process consultation.


Aftercare & checkups


Similar to normal teeth, dental implants will also get a covering of unwanted contaminants such as calculus and plaque if not cared for properly. Care for dental implants of any kind (single or multiple) should be the same as caring for normal teeth but may need further time and patience for achieving optimal oral hygiene – depending on the outcome.

Proper brushing techniques, flossing and mouthwash are all suggested forms of care. If there are any special forms of care, such as special floss or interdental toothbrushes, they will be recommended by our professionals. As standard, visits to a hygienist are strongly suggested to prolong the lifetime of the implants.


Book your consultation


Get in touch with us today to find out more information surrounding the topic of the dental implant process and to see a professional. We’re happy to provide clarity where needed during an organised consultation.

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