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Are Dental Implants Safe?

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Those who haven’t had a dental implant before or don’t know anybody who has had the procedure may be wondering – “Are dental implants safe?”. The answer is – yes! We’ll be covering the history of dental implants, their development and the care which needs to be taken once the procedure is complete.

The history of dental implants

The subject of dental implants has been around for thousands of years with the first discovery of tooth replacement being in the 1000BC range. The Egyptians used carved pegs from precious metals and placed them into the mouth in place of a missing or removed tooth. 

Between 1500-1800, dentists attempted to craft dental implants out of blends of gold and other metal alloys but unfortunately, it didn’t turn out how they envisioned. The combination of metals didn’t make for a good tooth replacement.

Heading more towards modern dentistry, in the 1900s when two brothers (Drs Alvin and Moses Strock) created the first long-lasting dental implants out of Vitallium. 

Through further development with the question – “Are dental implants safe?” – in mind, a doctor by the name Dr Branemark investigated whether Titanium could be used as an implant. His discovery later concluded with findings of Titanium fusing with the bone, showing it had been a stable and strong tooth replacement. Dr Branemark’s research was published in 1965 with it being widely accepted within the world of dentistry within the 1980s.

Their improved development through the years

Continued developments into the safety of dental implants and the most efficient and highest-performing materials to use continue to this day. The question – “Are dental implants safe?” is no longer as much of a worry due to the level of development.

Care clarity and providing the necessary information before, during and after the procedure have been key in raising patient confidence and dental implant longevity.

Recent implant popularity

Over recent years, receiving dental implants has become a ‘main-stream’ procedure with the likes of Expert Implants carrying it out as a primary business focus. Historically, dental implants have been a pricey procedure, however, with the option of finance, the dental implant audience has broadened greatly.

Rare procedure complications

When asking any dental implant professional – “Are dental implants safe?” – most will say it is very safe and understandably, there could be a couple of smaller issues which will need to be clarified to the patient.


Possible infections could present themselves either during the procedure or during aftercare. If you experience an infection, it will likely be due to the cleanliness of the affected area. The best way to ensure the infection percentage is low is to properly clean the area as much as the expert indicates. Aftercare instructions and the proper way to carry out an efficient healing process will be provided by our professionals.

Healing for those over 60

Pre-existing issues with gums and jaw bones could be an early indicator that additional care may be needed. Occasionally, we see patients with slightly deteriorated bones. In most cases, we are able to carry out the procedure. Once all the relevant tests are completed, which are carried about beforehand, and we notice there could be an issue meaning dental implants could cause more issues than it’s worth, we will need to clarify the details with the patient.

Important aftercare and cleaning

Proper levels of aftercare and cleaning ensure the optimal recovery process of your dental implants. In some ways, receiving dental implants can come across as a rather invasive procedure. The success rate of dental implants is roughly 97%, which shows that recovery can play a large part in your own personal recovery success.

Specific aftercare and follow-up appointments will be organised by your Expert Implant professional. Each care plan does slightly differ depending on the dental implant location and your overall oral health ahead of the procedure.

Get in touch

If you have any questions or concerns or would like some advice, be sure to get in touch or take a look at our previous blogs. Doing so should provide insight and answer the question – “Are dental implants safe?”. 

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