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All-On-Four Dental Implants: What are the benefits?

dental implants

Correcting the dental issues you may be experiencing can produce a new breath to life. We understand that most don’t appreciate a visit to a dental clinic, however, we offer a service called ‘Teeth-in-a-day’ which is also called ‘All-on-four’ which reduces the times needed to attend a practice for corrected results.

The overall process of teeth-in-a-day

During the day of replacing a number of your teeth at once, the process and the schedule will be shared with you ahead of the procedure.

The morning of the appointment

At the opening of the clinic, you’ll arrive at the dedicated implant suite. Within this space, you’ll receive any further information which you haven’t yet received. Once clarification of the process has been confirmed, you’ll receive the sedation and local anaesthetic. Once under, the process will begin and any remaining teeth you have will be removed. The implants will be applied afterward which will take roughly 2 hours per jaw.

The afternoon of the appointment

The afternoon will be all about the recovery and relaxation from the recently completed procedure. Our expert technician makes your bespoke teeth in our dedicated facilities at this time.

Late afternoon of the appointment

By the late afternoon, your temporary bridge has been placed. This is only temporary and will be replaced in a number of weeks in the future once the recovery process has finished and the final set of teeth has been completed.

Gain confidence after just a single visit

A simple smile can be enough to bring joy to those around you. We know this is the case as every smile we fix brings us happiness after every procedure.

Each and every case we see is completely different. There are no two cases that are identical. This is why we have to approach each patient visit on a case-by-case basis. Over the years of operation, our professional dentists have seen a wide range of issues that we’ve managed to fix using our implant expertise. 

Sometimes, if the state of your teeth needs improving on a wider level, we’ll recommend All-on-four – a procedure to completely replace a large number of teeth at once, in one sitting. Typically the level of replacement is assessed and approved by our experts and is usually either a full top row, full bottom row or all your teeth altogether.

Who can benefit from same-day implants?

A number of people who have issues with their current smile can benefit from an All-in-four (Teeth-in-a-day) procedure. Whether you’ve got missing teeth, troubled teeth or looking for a full set replacement to bring back your smile – we’re able to help.

You could have been told in the past that you may not have enough bone for implants to be possible, been advised you may lose all your teeth in the future or you’ve already had extensive dental work – all mentioned areas, and more, are possible to be corrected with this procedure.

The benefits of receiving this treatment are seven-fold;

  • Increased oral health
  • No long-lasting pain
  • A clean smile
  • Easier care compared to dentures

A fixed smile doesn’t just fix a previously issued smile but also assists in the improvement from a physiological aspect. Whether you like it or not, it’s human nature to care what others think of you. Knowing that you are being seen for a perfect smile can improve your mental health as well as physical aspects. Here at Expert Implants, we’re here to make every aspect of your life shine.

Get in touch to see if you’re suitable

If you’ve previously been told that you’re not suitable for implants or this is your first time looking into the procedure, feel free to get in touch. Our experts will be able to shed some light on your new smile, the procedure and the next steps after inquiry.

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