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How to get free dental implants in the UK

Southampton Dental Implants

In some specific cases in the UK, you’re able to get dental implants for free on the NHS scheme. This is only available to those in unique cases which have led from an initial reason. For example, if cancer or a serious injury has been experienced, the NHS will consider the possibility of dental implants completely free.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a process of replacing a damaged, unhealthy or missing tooth with a more permanent fixed false tooth which is directly installed into the jaw bone. Doing so allows for the new false tooth to be structurally sound and last for a long time. An incision is made into the gum and a channel is gently prepared in the jawbone. The implant is then carefully placed in the prepared area. 

Dental implants aren’t only available one at a time. In case you weren’t aware, you’re able to have multiple teeth replaced at once if there are more than one which are experiencing issues or completely missing altogether.

Not only are dental implants ideal when tidying up your smile, but they also have health benefits and functionality benefits during day-to-day life. Having a full smile allows for a confidence boost and reduces the number of teeth you may be having some issues with.

Qualifying for the dental implant

When exploring the possibility of receiving free dental implants on the NHS, specific requirements are needing to be met. Unfortunately, free dental implants are only available to those who have experienced a large issue in the past, recent or prior, such as cancer in the mouth, jaw or surrounding areas or experienced a facial accident that has led to a tooth needing serious attention or replacement. The free dental implant option is offered once all other possibilities are ruled out, such as not being able to wear dentures. 

To determine whether you qualify for these NHS services, you’ll need to referred by your NHS dentist and ask to be transferred. All the essential questions and other inquiries will be asked to make sure you’re part of the specific bracket to have a dental implant.

Ahead of receiving a free dental implant, your current standing of surrounding teeth will be evaluated to ensure to further issues arise from pre-existing problems. Any kind of infection or issue with the bone itself could be problematic upon the free dental implant evaluation.

Exploring the private option

If you, unfortunately, don’t qualify to be an NHS patient, we have the ability to provide an initial consultation for free and explore the option of getting your dental implants with us. Our fees and expenses can be found on our website. Finance is an option with us along with 0% finance options, allowing you to spread the cost.

Our services range from smaller sizes to larger projects. Get in touch today or explore our list of fees to see how we can help.

Get in touch

If you’re looking to receive a dental implant, we’re here to help. Alternatively, if you’d like guidance to ensure you get the help you need, we’re able to provide guidance if needed.

Our available plans ensure our services are a possibility for a wider range of clients. Whether you don’t qualify for free dental implants, or you’re looking for a free consultation to know how we can help, get in touch with us today.

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