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Dental Implants in Southampton

Although dentistry has come forward in leaps and bounds in the last couple of decades, those of us who grew up with the dentists of the 1950s, 60s and 70s are now reaping the harvest of the times when dentists loved to fill in and pull out. We are getting to middle age and beyond with teeth that may be starting to fail.

Dental Implants in SouthamptonHow long should we try to hang onto teeth that need constant attention? And, if we decide to have them removed, how are we going to replace them? It’s a difficult choice. Losing a tooth is always going to be distressing, but it can be less so if there is a way to replace it with something that can be as good.

Well, there is a way with dental implants in Southampton. At Smilemakers Dental Implant Clinic, we have seen time and again how people’s lives are changed for the better when they have troublesome teeth replaced with dental implants in Southampton.

Why no hassle?

One of the great things about dental implants is how little hassle they are, once they are in and fused with your jawbone. Taking care of them is almost the same as how you would take care of your natural teeth. You just brush for 2 minutes twice a day, have a good floss once a day and make sure you have regular hygienist appointments to deep clean. You are focussing on removing plaque, which can destabilise teeth and dental implants, but you don’t have to worry about decay, which dental porcelain is not susceptible to.

There’s no soaking or adhesive to worry about. In fact, many people even forget their dental implants are not their natural teeth. Amazing isn’t it?

Full power chewing

The other great thing about dental implants in Southampton is that they give you back your full chewing power. Chewing forces can be as much as 200lbs or 97kg, that’s some serious chomping. But with artificial tooth roots fused to your jawbone, your new teeth will have no trouble turning steaks, apples, you name it, into an easy to swallow paste.

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