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Dental implants: not as pricey as you think

Southampton Dental Implants

Sometimes even when you know a top-of-the-range product will work better, the price puts you off. It’s as true for cars and washing machines as it is for tooth replacement options. When you’ve lost a tooth or teeth, you’re presented with a few choices: dentures, bridges and Southampton dental implants. Dental treatment doesn’t come cheap and you probably won’t be able to get your dental implants on the NHS. So perhaps you’ve’ already ruled them out in your head. What if we told you that Southampton dental implants aren’t as pricey as you think? Would you reconsider then?

Southampton Dental ImplantsThere are 2 main reasons Southampton dental implants offered at our friendly practice, Smilemakers Dental Implant Clinic, aren’t as expensive as you think.


Yes, Southampton dental implants have a large initial outlay, much more than dentures or bridges. But that’s only if you’re looking at the here-and-now. Dentures require relining or replacing every 3-8 years, while dental bridges last 5-15 years. That means you’ll need to shell out more money again and again.

Now compare that to dental implants, which last several decades or even a lifetime with good oral hygiene. They are securely anchored into the jawbone, where new bone tissue weaves around them to hold them in place and keep them in place for as long as you need them.

0% finance

It’s all well and good us saying that over the course of your lifetime Southampton dental implants are a solid investment. But you can’t spread the cost over a lifetime, so what good does that do you? You may not be able to spread the cost over decades, but how does 6-12 months sound? We offer 0% finance so you can parcel out your payments for dental implants into more manageable instalments over up to a year. If you need more time then you can choose our 7.9% APR option with payment terms from 12-60 months.

What next?

Now you know that Southampton dental implants can be affordable and are a worthwhile investment in your long-term dental health, why not get in touch to book a consultation with our implant dentist? It’s free so you’ve got nothing to lose.

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