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A natural look and feel with dental implants

Dental Implants in Southampton

Implants have a bad reputation. From breasts and pecs, to cheeks and glutes, they don’t often leave onlookers saying, ‘Wow! They look so natural’. Perhaps it’s because it’s tricky to effectively mimic these soft tissues in look and feel. Thankfully dental implants in Southampton give implants a good name. Decades worth of dental research and technology has gone into making these modern miracles indistinguishable from natural teeth once your treatment is complete.

Dental Implants in SouthamptonAt Smilemakers Dental Implant Clinic, we’ve seen the pleasantly surprised smiles on our patients’ faces after they complete their treatment with dental implants in Southampton at our modern practice. The implants don’t just look the part, they work just as well as your natural teeth too. Here’s why:

Dental implants replace the crowns and the roots

A dental implant is a small titanium screw that is anchored into the jawbone during a minor surgical procedure. Here it acts as an artificial tooth root, on top of which custom-made porcelain crowns are attached. These are carefully crafted to match your remaining natural teeth in appearance. This makes dental implants in Southampton the only tooth restoration method that replaces both the roots and crowns, providing patients with superior stability.

Where does that stability come from?

It isn’t just the fact that dental implants in Southampton are placed into the jawbone, which provides them with superior stability; it’s that they’re made of titanium. This metal is biocompatible, which means the body won’t reject it. In fact, once placed into your jaw, new bone tissue grows around the implant, locking it into place. This process takes a few months, but once complete, it gives you the same level of chewing power as your natural teeth. This means no food items are off limits and you needn’t worry about your replacement teeth shifting out of place when you laugh or talk.

And that’s not all

On top of their stability, dental implants in Southampton don’t require any special care. All you need to do is give them the same level of attention you would give your natural teeth: twice daily brushing, flossing, mouthwash, regular dental check-ups and cleanings with the hygienist. Keep this up and they can last decades, if not a lifetime.

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