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Dental implant variations at Smilemakers Dental Implant Centre

Dental Implants in Southampton

Not all dental implants in Southampton are created equally. All of them will give you secure teeth replacement that looks great but there are several ways that your treatment can be customised to meet the conditions in your mouth and your lifestyle.

At Smilemakers Dental Implant Centre, we help you select the right type of treatment for your circumstances. Below we discuss just a few of the ways that dental implants in Southampton can vary.

Dental Implants in SouthamptonSingle tooth replacement

Many people think that dental implants in Southampton are just for extensive restoration work. However, it is also possible to have one tooth replaced with a single implant. This often happens after an accident of some kind that has done irreparable damage to a tooth. Once you have had a tooth replaced with a dental implant, you can forget about it and get on with enjoying a full set of teeth again.

Multiple tooth replacement

Depending on the location of your missing teeth, you may be able to have more than one tooth mounted on a dental device such as a bridge or denture. This reduces the number of individual dental implants in Southampton that you need. This has an impact on the length of treatment as well as the cost. Talk to us at Smilemakers Dental Implant Centre about creating your custom treatment plan for multiple tooth replacement.


This is an exciting dental implant option for people who still have the teeth that they need to have replaced. You can go from having an unhealthy mouth and failing teeth to a set of new dental implants in just a single appointment.

Denture stabilisation

Dental implants in Southampton can be used to make your experience of dentures better. Smilemakers Dental Implant Centre can offer denture stabilisation as an alternative to full dental implants. This might be due to the conditions in your mouth or, perhaps, for budgetary reasons. You may already be a denture wearer, or you might be looking to denture-stabilised dentures as your new method of tooth replacement. Wherever you are in your journey, we can discuss options with you at Smilemakers Dental Implant Centre.

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