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Achieve denture stabilisation with dental implants in Southampton

Dental Implants in Southampton

Dentures have been used to replace missing teeth for thousands of years, since there is evidence that they were even used in Ancient Egypt. However, modern dentures as we know them were first invented in the 18th century. Modern dentures are more lightweight than ever and do not need constant adjustments but, they come with certain disadvantages. Unlike dental implants, removable dentures cannot stop bone deterioration. Dental implants, on the other hand, are the most viable solution for missing teeth available in modern dentistry.

Dental Implants in SouthamptonAt Smilemakers Dental implant Clinic, you can now combine these two treatments in one for the fraction of the cost. It’s true – you can have dentures supported by dental implants in Southampton. Implant-supported dentures are a breakthrough in implant dentistry because they make dental implants more accessible to people who wouldn’t normally wouldn’t consider them because of their cost. Dentures supported by dental implants in Southampton are stable, reliable, do not become loose over time and they do not require special adhesives to stay in place. In short, they are just like real teeth.

The process of stabilising dentures with dental implants

Denture stabilisation with dental implants in Southampton involves the placement of up to 4 dental implants in the jawbone (whether upper or lower). These dental implants function as an anchor and foundation for the denture. The implants used for this process are smaller than regular implants and they are strategically placed into the jawbone for maximum retention. Implant-supported dentures can either be fixed or removable.

Advantages of implant-supported dentures

Dentures supported with dental implants in Southampton offer increased stability and comfort. Since your dentures are fortified by being attached firmly to the dental implants, they do not cause any discomfort or gum irritation. These dentures will not become loose over time and will not make embarrassing sounds when talking or eating. More importantly, the dental implants will strengthen your jawbone and prevent its further deterioration.

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