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Single Tooth

Having a single dental crown attached to an implant is a quick and painless way to replace a single tooth. It is often the perfect solution if:

Having a dental implant is usually the best way to replace a failing or missing tooth because it is independent of the adjacent teeth (therefore avoiding any drilling of these teeth) and helps to prevent the bone loss that occurs when a tooth is lost.


This case illustrates a fairly common occurrence whereby the loss of an old crown results in a tooth which can no longer be restored. However, by careful planning and precise implant placement, a beautifully natural and long-lasting solution can be found in an implant crown. Smilemakers master ceramicists are truly leaders in their field.

Immediate implants

A dental implant can be placed at the same time that the tooth is lost. This is called an 'immediate implant' and has the main benefit of being faster than traditional treatment.

If you know you need to have a tooth extracted, or have just lost a tooth through an accident (in the last 24 hours), an immediate implant may be the treatment of choice for you. When a front tooth breaks it's a traumatic experience not just because of the pain; the embarrassment of suddenly having an unsightly gap is something people understandably want to address as soon as possible.

When are immediate implants possible?

There are a few conditions that have to be met to make an immediate implant possible. These include:

If these conditions are met, then it may be possible to carefully extract the root and immediately put an implant directly into the tooth socket.

If the implant is sufficiently secure in the bone we can also put the titanium post in place and put a temporary crown on top. This treatment means that it is possible to come into the clinic with a failed tooth and leave a short while later with a new implant tooth in place.

The temporary tooth will look very natural and stay securely in place until the implant has healed sufficiently to attach the permanent crown.

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