Should I be nervous?

Is it pain free?

At Smilemakers Implant Clinic we pride ourselves in providing the ultimate in comfortable implant treatment.

Many of our patients are nervous about having implant treatment when they first attend for a consultation. There are many preconceived notions and assumptions about having a dental implant, aswell as the odd unpleasant story. The most common misconception about dental implant treatment is that it must be painful.

This is definitely not the case at Smilemakers Implant Clinic, where our mission is to spread the message that dental implant treatment can be painless. Hear what just a few of our implants patients have to say regarding their treatment, and how comfortable they found it:

Placement of the implant will require a local anaesthetic to be administered, similar to having a simple dental filling. Following this, the implant is placed noiselessly and with little discomfort. Extensive training and research, together with investment in the highest quality specialist equipment means that you can be assured of having the most comfortable treatment possible. Most people return to work the following day.

In the days following the implant placement, there will usually be some tenderness in the treated area. This is a result of a natural swelling reaction and varies from person to person. In those individuals who do experience this, it usually only lasts 2 to 3 days before returning to normal. Over the counter ibuprofen or equivalent painkillers will help during this period.

Nervous patients

For those few patients who feel their nerves will not cope without a little assistance to make them feel more relaxed, we can offer help to settle those nerves through sedation. Sedation can either take the form of having a tablet or two before the procedure, or by having a calming drug introduced into the back of the hand. Both of these procedures help you to relax, meaning that whilst you will remain awake at all points during the procedure, your nerves should be a thing of the past.

Due to the comfort of the advanced implant treatment at Smilemakers, sedation is rarely required.