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Great teeth, your teeth

Southampton Dental Implants

Remember when you had great teeth? They looked great. They chewed well. They did everything that teeth were supposed to do. Then, slowly over time, they got too many fillings, they started to crumble away and your great teeth started to look dreadful and be pretty much useless in fulfilling their duties.

Now you are faced with having to replace them entirely. Do you feel heavy-hearted about a future with false teeth or are you excited about new freedoms? Well, it all depends on what you think having replacement teeth entails. If all you know about is dentures and how they wobble around and stop you eating your favourite foods, then it’s no wonder you feel grim.

Southampton Dental ImplantsIf, on the other hand, you are planning on having Southampton dental implants, then it’s no wonder you feel positive. What? You have never heard of Southampton dental implants?

Then get yourself down to Smilemakers Dental Implant Clinic, where we can tell you all about the wonders of Southampton dental implants. In the meantime, here are a few to whet your appetite:

Better chewing

Southampton dental implants are little titanium posts that are embedded into the jaw to replace lost tooth roots. Once they have integrated with the jawbone, which takes 2-6 months, they can tackle anything on the menu. Steaks, crunchy raw veggies, nuts, they can cope with all of them. So, you get to eat what you like again and your body benefits from the nutrition of a healthy, varied diet.

Chiselled jaw

Your jawbone relies on the vibrations that travel down through the tooth roots from your teeth impacting on each other to know that it is still in use. Take away the tooth roots and your jawbone thinks it is no longer in use for chewing. It starts to dissolve itself, rapidly becoming smaller and less dense. You get a thin jawbone, a funny pointy chin like a witch and a collapsing facial structure. With Southampton dental implants, your jawbone knows it’s still in use and keeps renewing itself. You stay younger looking for longer.

These are 2 big pluses, but there are more. Come in for a consultation and let us tell you about them.

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