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Choices that affect the rest of your life

Dental Implants in Southampton

Every now and then in our lives we have to make a really big decision. When we are young, it’s deciding what subjects to study at school, whether to go to uni or go for a more practical career, whether to have kids or be child-free. In later life, we still have to make decisions that have profound effects on our lives, such as whether to release equity from the house, and what kind of replacement teeth to have.

Dental Implants in SouthamptonThe last one might seem trivial, but it is far from unimportant. We have to bite and chew our way through three meals a day. We need to be able to smile and laugh and be sociable. We need to maintain our dignity. And the kind of replacement teeth we have affects all of those fundamental aspects of being alive.

At Smilemakers Dental Implant Clinic, we will always do our best to make sure you can have dental implants in Southampton, even if you need preparatory work before they can be fitted.

The reason we are so keen for as many people as possible to be able to have dental implants in Southampton is because they are the only replacement method that gives you all the freedom you had when your natural teeth were working for you.

Dental implants are different because they are the only method that anchors replacement crowns (the white bits we bite and chew with) into the jawbone. Natural teeth have between one and 3 roots (one root for front teeth, 3 roots for side and back molars) and these keep the crown from wobbling around when we bite into food and chew it up. You can’t bite into an apple with dentures without leaving them in the apple because dentures only have about 25% of the chewing power.

Dental implants in Southampton also perform a vital role in transmitting tiny vibrations from your teeth clacking together into the jawbone. This tells the bone cells that they are still needed and to keep renewing themselves. When these signal stop, as they do when you have dentures or a bridge, the jawbone dissolves itself, and you may end up looking old before your time.

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